"Like you, I'm a teacher. As you listen to my story, think about the retirement crisis so many educators face today because they themselves have not been educated about their financial future.

After a career devoted to serving others, every teacher should enjoy life on their own terms with family and friends. However, without enough money to provide for their basic financial needs, far too many will be forced to endure a future of burdens and hardship.

This makes me mad.

Watch our video above to learn how ValuTeachers is changing this reality. Then, contact us and let’s explore the future together."


– Paula Smith, President & CEO, ValuTeachers




ValuTeachers is here to help school system employees understand their State Teacher Retirement System and the shortfalls they will experience in retirement income without proper planning. Our Retirement Specialists work with teachers to personalize the best savings plan for themselves and the future they want to enjoy.



Maybe you’re a teacher looking to improve your future, or perhaps even your current personal situation. You might be already working in the financial industry and enjoy helping others as well as yourself. We offer part-time and full-time careers and the chance to build your own business while serving educators and growing your income.


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